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La boîte à beignes : A box of donuts

Gourmet donuts from Beiko are coming to Québec City, on the chemin Ste-Foy, and bringing with them every sweet, delicious delight you could ever dream of, and then some.

This is like Krispy Kreme but on steroids. I mean, come on, what wouldn’t you do to get a bite out of Choco-Carmel-Bretzel, Maple & Pecan, or Lemon Meringue Pie donut. And then there are the amazing looking Frappes topped with miniature donuts and whipped cream—Yum!

Check these out, and salivate:

Beiko La boîte à beignes
2778 chemin Ste-Foy #100

Mardi au Vendredi: 09h30- 21h00
Samedi & Dimanche: 10h00 – 21h00