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Books, Book, and more Books!

We enjoyed a leisurely 3 hours stroll around the Salon International du livre, yesterday. Taking in all the different publishers, authors, and what felt like, a million books. Yes, a lot of them were in French, but there were also a lot in English, and a couple of other languages as well.

It was incredible to be surrounded by so many books, so much talent, and, so much noise. A lot of the Salon is aimed at young children and young adults. There were a ton of publishers there, along with associated authors doing book signings and, as a result, the Salon was—I would say—three quarters full with varying ages of children.

What’s fun too, is all around the outside of the main set-up of publisher’s booths, were sections for presentations and talks, book readings, and meet & greets. But it was the sheer number of authors that got me. This year was well attended and, I think, they broke a record for attendance by Quebeckers—who, btw, are BIG readers.

It is heartening to see how well French-language publishing is doing, and the sheer variety of material that was on display, and available.

Vivre la livre!


  1. This sounds like so much fun. And so great to hear how successful it is!

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, it was, Naomi. We had a blast as did so many others. This is a fun event for all the family.

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