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A walk in the park

Welcome to my local park, the beautiful Bois de Coulonge.

This is one of my favourite parks not least because it’s close, only a few minutes walk from where I live. But also because every time I go, I see something in a slightly different way. Whether because of the time of day (and the light) or the season, which impacts everything here, in the Frozen North. Or because the gardeners have been out in full force, and have changed the plants in the flower beds.

Then, of course, there are the number of walks within this small park itself, that can make for either a short, flower-filled walk, or a bit of a ramble through lots of wooded areas. It’s all a joy to take in, whatever the season.

Walk with me through the main gates, past the gatekeepers cottage, and into the woods.

From the the Monet bridge across the ornamental pond, to the viewpoint looking out across the St. Lawrence river, to the central fountain.

Click HERE, for more information about the park.

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